Kitiara Braune



This is where you would be able to find all of my upcoming concerts and book tickets, if there were any allowed. But unfortunately, due to the pandemic, all concerts have been cancelled. This list will be updated when the music scene gets on its feet again.

21 Dec 2020 14:30

Christmas Concert |   Variant, Bergvik

Christmas will be invited to town with a violin concert accompanied by electronics at the mall in Bergvik, Söderhamn. 2 hours of relaxing classical violin music together with traditional christmas songs..


17 Jun 2020 12:10

Exam Concert "Klassisk Fi(o)lmmusik"   |   Norwegian Academy of Music, Oslo

This master examination concert combines the demonstration of classical virtuosics on the instrument with the dream of inviting music from popular media into the concert hall. Listen to Korngold's violin concerto and William's "Schindler's List" from last centuries most renowned film composers side by side.